LOSE the hand-written project RFI’s, meeting minutes and reports!

There is nothing wrong with all of the large project management software programs out there as long as you can afford to buy it, have the time to learn it, and have the network to access it.   Instead of spending thousands of dollars on bloated, expensive software you don't need, consider the database that will actually accomplish what you need at a fraction of the cost.  RFIKing is a database built to be used with no additional software. You only need an internet connection and a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.  And most importantly, it is extremely simple because it was created by construction managers that have lived through starting that job in the middle of nowhere and expected to keep up with project reporting without the necessary tools.

RFIKing is based per project.  Meaning, you pay a monthly fee for each project. When that job finishes, simply cancel that subscription. Our Dashboard makes it very easy for the Project Admin(s) to manage your projects. Including: adding a new project, editing a current project, as well as "finishing" a project.

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